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AdonisJs, in my opinion is one of the best things to come to the Node.js community in a while. It uses the latest features of the JavaScript programming language, and provides everything you need to build simple to complex applications that scale. In this course, we'll learn the ins and outs of this framework using a project based approach. We'll build BahdTodos, a Stripe based SAAS application, providing users with premium todos management. We'll cover everything you need to build a real world Adonis application. Come along with me, let's have fun learning Adonis.

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Sneak peek of the lessons already available in this course

Section 1 : Getting started with the basics

Installing Adonis

How the home view is displayed

Creating view files

Refactoring to Controller files

Controller and view communication

Section 2 : Databases & Models

Connecting to a database

Migrations 101

The M in Adonis MVC

Completing the cycle: Model-View-Controller

Section 3 : CRUD Operations

Creating database records with Lucid

Handling request validation

Flashing errors to session

Displaying records from the database

Deleting todos

Updating todos

Section 4 : Refactoring for cleaner code

Refactoring views to layout files

Refactoring controllers with custom validators

Refactoring controllers with custom middleware

Refactoring route files to route groups

Section 5 : User Authentication

User authentication

User authentication II

User login and logout

Authentication validators

Sign in authentication validators

Handling wrong credentials scenario

Section 6 : Mailing

Sending out welcome emails

Customizing welcome emails

Section 7 : Setting up user relationships

Getting started with relationships

Using relationship methods

Section 8 : Application cleanup

Redirect user if authenticated

Authentication exception handling

App cleanup